Boomerang Democratizes eCommerce

As venture capitalists, we crave investment opportunities where the market is large, growing quickly and going through an evolution or disruption, which makes the potential market size much larger than the legacy version of itself. Furthermore, we look for a team that has unique unfair advantages to seize that opportunity and where the only thing limiting growth is the company’s ability to scale itself as fast as possible. Boomerang Commerce is that company!

Boomerang Commerce sits astride the confluence of four secular trends: move from offline to online commerce, SaaS (as a delivery method), big data analytics and mobile (as a consumption vehicle). With those trends supplying the wind behind their sails, Boomerang is on a path to democratize retail commerce with a powerful, yet intuitive, SaaS platform for online retailers that powers automated pricing and assortment decisions to achieve specific financial goals. Boomerang’s solution puts retailers on a more even playing field with Amazon by delivering a best-of-breed competitive monitoring solution to enable dynamic and real-time price and assortment optimization, among other high value solutions.

Price is one of the most important (and often the most important) attributes consumers consider when deciding where to make an online purchase. Growth in online commerce is now outpacing most other sectors and “mobile e-commerce” sales are expected to exceed $600B in 2018. For ecommerce businesses, the explosive growth of the market and demand has resulted in stiff competition with consumers able to compare prices between online retailers with a few clicks on their smartphones. Finally, online is becoming a larger percentage of retailers’ overall business, thus creating a need to drive online growth. All these factors provide the perfect storm for a solution like Boomerang. The company has won the hearts and minds of many retailers who have realized massive economic value leveraging Boomerang’s product, and in return have contributed to Boomerang’s impressive revenue traction.

None of the above would matter if there wasn’t a stellar team executing against the opportunity. As early stage investors, every once in a while you meet that exceptional founder whose vision is a unique result of years of domain expertise, whose passion and energy fills the room and who has an unwavering dedication to the customer and their success. We felt exactly that way when we met Boomerang’s CEO, Guru Hariharan, and today we are proud to be an investor in the company and a partner to him and his team as they march toward the goal of democratizing commerce. It’s also a privilege to share this journey with our friends at Madrona Ventures.

To Team Boomerang – Welcome to the Trinity family!