BirdEye is the leading platform for reputation and customer experience. We live in a connected world. For a business, customers and prospects are connected online and influence each other’s buying decisions. Great customer experience drives retention and improves a business’s online reputation, which in turn accelerates customer acquisition. BirdEye connects reputation and customer experience.

BirdEye platform allows businesses to see their comprehensive BirdEye view i.e. what their customers are saying across all channels — review sites, social media, NPS surveys, support cases. BirdEye natural language processing (NLP) and big data engine converts all the unstructured customer feedback into actionable insights, so businesses can benchmark performance across all their locations, and vs. competitors.

Our Customer Experience Management platform converts in-moment feedback into swift corrective actions, leading to positive experiences. Our Reputation marketing platform auto-promotes business’ positive reputation across search engines, social media and review sites so they can acquire new customers. End result — higher customer retention and acquisition.