Hoopla Brings Home the Gold

With the Sochi Olympics in full swing, it’s a good time to talk about performance. We all know that competitive performance is just as important in business as in sports. The sports industry is driven by products and tools that drive motivation and actions – Just Do It! But if you look at the world of business SaaS applications, this connection is weak or non-existent. That’s why we were so excited when we met Mike Smalls and the team at Hoopla (www.hoopla.net) that we just had to invest.

Hoopla’s Sales Motivation Platform combines modern gamification techniques with enterprise class data analytics. Companies can easily deploy campaigns to motivate, communicate, and recognize employees’ achievements around any metric or desired behavior. Through the magic of Hoopla TV, live updates are broadcast in real time on big screen TVs, web pages and mobile devices throughout the enterprise. (Hoopla often lands customers who saw implementations in other companies and just had to have it.) Hoopla combines the power of the head and the heart: unlike other “gamification” schemes, it is a serious data driven business app. But it’s fun!

Having signed hundreds of high performing enterprises as customers, Hoopla provides teams around the globe a rallying cry for performance, a unifying agent that provides a view into how your teams are doing, and the tools required to elevate them to the next level. Sales individuals and executives in many companies, including Trinity’s portfolio companies, have cited Hoopla as the “best technology purchase we have made to date.” And this is just the beginning as Hoopla expands to customer success, customer support, product development, and other teams who are all quickly realizing that, in this competitive environment, analyzing and improving performance, bringing teams together and improving culture is not just a sales-centric need, but a company-wide imperative.

There are hundreds of sales and marketing oriented SaaS applications that generate useful data. Some of them even claim to generate actionable insights. But translating actionable insights into performance requires sustained actions by human beings, which in turn requires motivation and measurement. Incentive management apps from companies like Xactly (a big Hoopla user, by the way) can manage financial rewards related to completed transactions. But financial rewards are only a part of human motivation. What about the 48 weeks of the year that don’t fall at the end of a quarter? Business performance depends on sustained motivation to execute all the little things that ultimately lead to victory.

That’s why the world needs Hoopla. World-class companies realize that you don’t get to stand on the gold medal podium unless you are motivated to deliver peak performance every day of the year.