Why We Invested in Jama Software

There are some trends that are emerging in the enterprise and are being universally accepted across technology verticals.  Software is becoming more important than ever, the product is the new sales tool and ease of use is at the core of SaaS. At Trinity, we believe in those emerging trends, and we followed that logical path to conclude that if product is the weapon used by companies to differentiate and win in their respective segments, then managing product development – a complex process that engages multiple groups within and outside an enterprise, and delivering that product to the market cheaply, on time and with maximum visibility will be imperative. Today we are thrilled to announce our newest investment in Jama Software www.jamasoftware.com – a company that is positioned perfectly to meet the needs of agile enterprises that are building complex products, with teams that are split across geographies and where time to market is the difference between being a winner in a category and being irrelevant. Jama provides that “cockpit” that gives you the tools to manage your product delivery and provides visibility into the product development process, by engaging the entire organization to communicate, collaborate and jointly march towards the shared goal of delivering the best products to the market.

Our initial exposure to Jama traces back to 2009 when we first heard of the company and I was introduced to the founder and CEO – Eric Winquist. In the four years since we’ve known Jama, it’s grown to a team of 70 people, won over several hundred customers (including 20 of the Fortune 100!) and enabled tens of thousands of products to penetrate the market. Jama executed flawlessly with a software product that is built for the enterprise but is easy to consume, and disrupted a market that, until now, was burdened by archaic, legacy software solutions. Oh, I should mention that the company did all that without ever raising institutional capital, prior to now!

Today, hundreds of customers are finding value in what Jama provides and the company is just getting started. As proof of the value provided by Jama’s product, if you’re ever walking the streets of downtown Portland, step inside the office and take a glance at the “bricks” with customer names or the “customer wall of fame” that will greet you. Each brick represents $100k ARR or more to the company, and as my partner Larry and I observed on our recent trip up there, there are a lot of bricks and the wall is full with names like Citrix, EA, SpaceX and hundreds more!

We couldn’t be more excited about partnering with Jama Software as their first institutional investor, and I am personally honored to work actively with this stellar team in their efforts to dominate the product delivery SaaS market!

Welcome Eric, Christian, Derwyn and the Jama team to the Trinity family!