Portfolio Day – Infrastructure Edition

Trinity Ventures Portfolio Day-Dan

Henry Ford said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”  As part of our continued quest to help our companies succeed, we recently hosted our first Portfolio Day: Infrastructure Edition.

Over 50 VPEs and CTOs from our portfolio companies and the greater Trinity network attended in order to meet eight of our hot infrastructure-oriented portfolio companies as prospective customers and partners.  Each of these eight companies gave a short overview of the problem they are solving and what their solution looks like. The event was very well received, attendees left with new business leads, potential solutions to their company’s technology problems and a greater understanding of the excellent companies that make up this portion of Trinity’s portfolio.  Here is a quick summary of the presentations:

Next Generation Architecture

  • Docker – An open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship and run distributed applications, Docker eliminates the friction between developments, QA and production environments. Ben Golub, the CEO of Docker gave a presentation about the company’s foundational container vision, a revolutionary new way for apps to be deployed on computer infrastructure that eliminates much of the complexity of running virtual machines and cloud infrastructure.  The company has seen rapid adoption of its open source software and become an industry icon overnight.

Trinity Ventures Portfolio Day-1 Docker



  • Aryaka – Sonal Puri, the VP of Sales and Marketing at Aryaka talked about their solution to simplify IT specifically around network performance.  Aryaka provides an elastic, simple to use, and easily managed global network solution that is delivered as a service, providing capabilities such as MPLS replacement, application delivery acceleration, and WAN-optimization.  Aryaka currently covers over 280 cities in 48 countries.

Trinity Ventures Portfolio Day-2 Aryaka


  • ScaleArc – Varun Singh, the founder and CTO of ScaleArc presented their solution to help enterprises scale, improve performance and manage the growth of SQL-based databases.  The product includes load-balancing, auto-failover, query response caching for SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle databases. Singh highlighted one case, where a customer has already handled over $1B in transactions for a consumer-facing commerce site.

Trinity Ventures Portfolio Day-3 ScaleArc


Infrastructure Protection

  • Cyphort – Anthony James, the VP of Marketing, and Shishir Singh, the VP of Engineering, detailed how Cyphort is helping enterprises deal with new IT security threats amid a rapidly shifting infrastructure landscape with new applications being adopted by the enterprise, an increase in the attack “surface area” driven by bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trends; and the evolution of the hacker economy to one where foreign states and organized crime entities are orchestrating more sophisticated attacks.  Their solution incorporates multiple inspection engines and a distributed collection architecture that provides actionable data for these advanced persistent threats (APT).

Trinity Ventures Portfolio Day-4 Cyphort


  • ProtectWise – Gene Stevens, the founder and CTO of ProtectWise discussed their cloud-based network security solution that provides fast, community-based detection as well as forensic analysis for this new generation of IT security threats.

Trinity Ventures Portfolio Day-5 Protectwise


Scaling with Data

  • Loggly – Manoj Chaudhary, the CTO and VP of Engineering of Loggly presented their cloud log-management service that enables a low initial cost, pay-as-you-go model that is highly scalable up to hundreds of Mbps of incoming log data.

Trinity Ventures Portfolio Day-6 Loggly


  • Crowdflower – Tatiana Josephy, the VP of Products at Crowdflower performed a demonstration of their innovative solution to connect businesses to a 5 million strong workforce that can provide data services in situations where you need human judgment around data classification.

Trinity Ventures Portfolio Day-7 crowdflower


  • New Relic – Patrick Lightbody, the VP of Product Management at New Relic discussed their software analytics platform that gathers metrics around web-based and mobile applications and provides actionable insights into the performance of those applications.

Trinity Ventures Portfolio Day-8 New Relic


The event was an educational experience for the audience and a great opportunity for participating companies to find prospective partners and customers.  To better serve our portfolio companies, Trinity Ventures is planning to host similar events in the future including an upcoming Portfolio Day – Sales and Marketing Edition. To watch videos of some of our portfolio companies presentations, check out our YouTube channel.

A big thanks to our friends at New Relic for providing the facilities and to all who participated in this event!


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